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The Hotel Schweizerhof Bern & Spa offers climate-netural overnights

The Hotel Schweizerhof Bern & THE SPA is a proud partner of myclimate*, an organization that supports companies doing business in a climate-neutral, sustainable manner. Together with myclimate, we are measuring our annual CO2 emissions and implementing a number of measures to continuously reduce them. In the context of this partnership, our guests now have the opportunity to book their overnight stays with us so that they are completely climate-neutral.

About 53 kg in CO2 emissions are produced per overnight stay at the Hotel Schweizerhof Bern. That is about the same amount emitted by a car driving from Bern to Frankfurt.


When booking your accommodation you can make a voluntary small contribution to “Cause We Care” whose impact is immediately doubled: We commit to offsetting all unavoidable CO2 emissions from your stay with myclimate climate protection projects. You profit from a climate-neutral product and simultaneously promote sustainable development, job creation, nature conservation and much more in places where this is particularly needed. At the same time, we invest the same amount again in local sustainability programmes, thereby reducing our own CO2 emissions and energy consumption. In this way, we ensure that you will be able to enjoy your relaxing stay with us in an even more climate-friendly and sustainable manner in the future.  More information at www.causewecare.ch


  Cause we Care   Step 1

 1 I care – You book an offer and voluntarily pay a small contribution towards climate protection. For this, you then receive a climate-neutral product.


 Cause we care   Step 2

 2 We care – When you make a contribution, we double it and deposit both contributions in the company’s own “Cause We Care” fund.


 Cause we care   Step 3

 3 The emissions from your service are compensated out of the fund through myclimate. In addition, we also invest in climate protection measures.


Our climate protection project

Back to the green island, with energy-saving solar cookers

In Madagascar, massive amounts of wood are used as fuel to cook, leading to accelerated deforestation and high CO2 emissions. To counter these trends, our project helps finance the production and distribution of efficient, climate-friendly solar cookers, which don’t rely on wood, thus cutting emissions – and sparing the forests. For each stove sold, two trees are saved. In addition to this direct positive impact, the project also ensures that pupils in local schools are being taught about climate-friendly cooking and are thus sensitized to the need to protect their fragile environment.


You can book your climate-neutral overnight stay through our website, or designate your stay as climate-neutral at check-in, with the help of our front office team. We look forward to your help!


myclimate Award 2019